this album is self-financed, self-mixed, self-recorded, etc.  there is no record label helping me through the process – a labor of love, but not always cheap.  so i need a little help from you to get the cd put out, and maybe even make some records.the cd is on pre-sale, with an expected arrival date of late february.

there will be two versions – the regular cd, and a limited “special edition” (includes an additional cd with bonus material and songs, and artwork).

you can also choose to purchase the album as a download, or purchase individual songs. if you purchase the cd with the download there is a discount for both!  hurray!


“realistic” cd – $10

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“realistic” cd + album download = $15

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“realistic” special edition + album download = $25


realistic download (songs .99, album 7.99)

if you can’t afford to pay anything, but want to download the album, go ahead.  i’ve been in the same position, and i understand.  download and enjoy, and if you get the chance someday, pay it forward…

"realistic" album cover



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