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words & music: periol
except “when you are old” words: w.b.yeats
recorded & mixed by: steve wilmot & periol
mastered by: brent clawson
logo design: eric walker
art: periol

thanks to:

my parents, who believed from the beginning; i know it’s a cliche, but it’s true:  without them none of this would have happened.   i love you guys.

greg young: the cog that made the wheel turn; first introduced me to steve back in the day, has been huge for me the whole time i’ve been muddling through this.

steve wilmot: recording engineer; also created the original drum tracks on some songs (lonely moon, horoscopes, again, take your time, and heard you laugh); also played keyboards on some of the songs (certainly the strings on “shake the ground” and the cool sound effects in “lonely moon”); was there with lots of solid practical advice on all sorts of matters that pushed me along towards making the record better and getting it finished;  also, we DJ together locally.  A big, big thanks for all your help.

israel marshall:  recording assistant; is that the title?  regardless, a big help during the initial recording process

brent clawson: home studio master; did a great job mastering the record, he’s the real deal

jordan & lauren robbins: jordan helped fix up the realistic synth when i bought it, helped me put together the hackintosh this album was mixed on, and has always been there; also, lauren, thanks for putting up with us 🙂

dave warsop:  rocker and recorder; gave me some excellent and on-point advice during the mixing process

francisco magana: graphic design guru; he told me how to make the art not look bad

derek bahn: surf photographer extraordinaire; took the pictures of the synth that are in all the record art

eric walker: logo design; took a phone conversation and made that logo, great artist

stephen hindman: synth-pop genius; thanks for all the advice and guidance over the years – you really inspired me to make this album, and make it right

brad york: we recorded in his apartment together back in 2007 – he brought me back to music; check him out in sikamor rooney

brian bajari, courtney williamson, dave neel:  babyfishmouth

leonard sweet: my mentor; you were key in making this possible, in so many ways

Thanks are also due to the many people who have been friends and encouraged me over the years:  linda & joel levine, bree aseltine, allison nelson, amy dubin, stevie & hannah clifton, tom clifton, suzie bajari, chris relyea, chris roberts, rob tashiro, christopher boesel, frank deluna, nate bagley, rachael bogert, comrade simba & family, emeline, julia french, kelly cecil, moonshine, miguelito, elizabeth nowakowski, justine langston, erica wygonik, marie nalle, megan kress, josh mullen, tarssa yazdani, ana guterl, dave nola, eric jacobson, greg teal